2016 World Champion

Day 1, JBRL Race, Santa Barbara

Worlds prep has been activated. At the Channel Islands RC Track in Santa Barbara for the JBRL.

Day 2, Channel Islands RC Track, Santa Barbara

After another day of testing in Santa Barbara we wanted to go for a swim in the Pacific Ocean just two minutes from the track.

Day 4, Dialed In RC Raceway, Victorville

Last day of testing at Dialed In Raceway as we stoped by on our drive to Las Vegas, time to get the cars ready after some rough conditions.

Day 5, Touchdown, Las Vegas

We arrived in Vegas and had the first look at the Worlds track. Looking good!

Day 6, The Calm before the storm

The calm before the storm’. Just about time to get my car ready to start the race!

Day 7, Getting closer

Watching the first cars on the track, acting mechanic for Adrien and gathered as much information as possible from the ‘Race-In’.

Interview – First thoughts

Day 8, First Impressions

Giving you the first impressions of the track.

Day 9, Practice continue

Some thoughts shared with you after the second day of practice. All working good so far!

Day 10 and 11, Open cermony and qualification

Top seed and all good after practice changed fast to a rough first day of qualifying with ‘inconsistent unfair’ watering.

Day 12, Second Day of Qualification

Better second day of qualifying with the track crew doing a great job with consistent watering and a TQ in Q4.

Day 13, Qualifying done

Nice way to finish off qualifying with two second places putting me 3rd overall.

Day 13, Track walk

Track Walk - I take you for a spin around the Worlds track going into the final day of racing. BUMPY!!!

After Seeding Practice 1


After Semi Practice


Practice Interviews

Qualifying Round 1

Qualifying Round 2

Qualifying Round 3

Qualifying Round 4

Qualifying Round 5

Qualifying Round 6

Q1 Interview

Q4 Interview

Q5 Interview

Q6 interview

After Qualifications

Interview by Cody

Qualification Interviews

Semi Final

Semi Final Interview

Driver Introduction

A-Main - LiveRC.com

A-Main - NeoBuggy.net

A-Main - RedRc.net

A-Main final, David Ronnefalk Cut

A-Main Final

Victory - World Champion - LiveRC.com

After Win Interview - NeoBuggy.net

The Worlds – Last day