What is you shock shaft length between shock body and the eyelet?
-- I usually go with 34mm for the front and 44mm for the rear on the v2 car. You can see my shock build video on my youtube channel by clicking the link: https://youtu.be/pZJsfmCU1K0

How much droop do you run?
-- My standard droop setting for the 1/8 Nitro and EP is 3mm above the chassi level in the front and 6mm below chassi level in the rear. This is when using same method as me measuring the axle height compared to the bottom of the chassi plate. This is equivalent to 106mm on the front shock and 129mm on the rear shock. You can also see my droop setting video on my youtube channel by clicking this link: https://youtu.be/X2GWUN6wOus

What is the difference on the S3 and Silencer bodies?
-- The S3 is very stable and stays planted on the track you will feel like you have more grip. The Silencer is more responsive, the car feels lighter on the track with improved rotation. Please note, the S3 is for now the one made for the AE until we have one for the HB platform. It fits pretty well, you just have to trim the sides a little due to the side guards being longer on the HB.

What engine are you normally running with?
-- Normally I prefer the feeling of the 3 port RS WC. My driving style suites very well with it as it provides great bottom power and has a lot of torque. You will have less top speed than the 7 port but for me that is not so important. I also seem to get better run times on the 3 port over the 7 port so that is yet another good reason why. On bigger tracks though which requires a lot of top end, then I usually go with the 7 port to get those extra rpms on the straights.

Why do you prefer the V2 shock tower over the short one that you used to drive with everywhere?
-- The V2 tower was developed due to the short tower not landing the jumps as we wanted, especially not when you had a side landing. I would say the V2 tower is something between the old stock tower and the low carbon one. The car still feels very planted as it did with the short one and it generates good grip, all this together with handling bumps and landing jumps better is the reasons why I prefer it over the low one today. I have tried them back to back several times but I always end up using the V2 as you have some margin in the jumps etc.

What thread patterns from JConcepts do you always make sure to have with you going to a race or a new track?
-- After using the JConcepts tires for one and a half year now, I feel like I have great knowledge of the tires and compounds and feel very comfortable going to a race. The tires I always make sure to have on hand are Stalkers, Kosmos, Detox and Reflex. If you have those four thread patterns you will be fine. Then you can always fine tune with carrying the other ones but these four will take you a long way.

Where are you using the Lithium (white) and Copper (gold-ish) grease from XTR?
-- I use the white Lithium grease on the outdrives when assembling the diffs as well as on the sides on the air filter to completely seal it from dirt coming inside. The copper grease is good to use on the ring/pinion gear inside the gearbox, I also use it for my center dogbones where they go into the pinion. The copper grease stays very well in place and is therefore also great to use when you keep you build your CVDs.

Which style of drive shafts do you prefer on the V2 car?
-- When the V2 tower was released I found a very good balance with the universals. Normally I have always used the CVD shafts but the Universals gives you great feeling in the bumps and jumps as well as good corner speed. If you feel the car is rolling too much though, it can be time to try the CVDs as they keep the car more flat. I posted a video where I talk about this on my youtube channel which you can find by clicking the link: https://youtu.be/3UHypYselpc

What brake bias do you normally run on your D817v2?
-- I normally set my brakes very even, so close to a 50/50 bias. If I feel like I need a bit more rotation, an easy thing to try is to put a little more bias to the back, so something like 45/55.